Geek Chic has been designing and hand crafting geek furniture exclusively since 2008. Starting as only three fellas in a garage, it has grown to 50 employees and 40,000 square feet of shop all located in Washington State, USA. 

Latin Motto: Emerge ex Hypogaeo  “To come out of the basement”

Geek Chic's Mission:  To design, shape and elevate the geek lifestyle.

Geek Chic makes fine furniture and accessories to facilitate and champion the geek praxis.  Our products include game tables, accessories, and storage solutions for games, comics and other geek ephemera.  We create custom design and fabrication of heirloom quality products to further geek chic living for generations to come.





Robert Gifford is a one-man-show of business, design, woodworking, gaming, and all things geek.

Robert is the founder and CEO of Geek Chic, makers of heirloom quality gaming tables, comic book storage, seating, and geek accessories.



Many people make the gears of Geek Chic go. (About 50, to quantify.) Our woodworkers are an extraordinary force of hard work, expertise, and talent. They're why we can have nice things. And you may have met our valets at conventions-- top-notch guides to the Geek Chic lifestyle, who work with you to find that custom fit. They're why you can have nice things.

We have designers, engineers, woodworkers, artists, and that guy who makes wooden weapon art. An accountant who is very patient with us, and lawyers who are paid to be impatient with everyone. We have drivers, data geeks, writers, quality control guys, a Ron (which means "spray finish kung-fu master"), a laser guy, print nerds, and even our very own CEO. We make everything we do from top to bottom, because we can and we believe in what we're making.

Geek Chic is exactly the kind of culture we want it to be.


Sawdust, sawdust everywhere.

We have a full wood shop. You'll find everything here from hand tools like chisels, planers, sanders, and saws, to larger shop tools like band saws, table saws, and-- look, a lot of it is saws. The rest of it is clamps and drills. This is not a CNC, mass-manufacture, cookie-cutter type of place, it's a place where craftsmen make furniture by hand.

We're delighted to say we've been expanding over the years, and our once-small shop has grown to fill several buildings. We're now a three-shop operation. Production, finishing and logistics each get their own breathing space-- a long way from where we started.


Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, sourced from certified sustainable forests. 

We hand select FAS quality North American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, Quarter-sawn White Oak, and top quality Black Walnut. These are all sustainably forested within the United States.  We added an african mahogany known as Sapele to the line in 2016.  It too comes from certified sustainable forests and has a very unique chatoyance inherent in the wood. 

FAS grade lumber is the top industry standard grade of lumber used for high-end furniture. Being the wood geeks we are, we have a created a specialty "Geek Chic grade" of even higher quality lumber that does not need to be stained. (Although you may add-on stain should you choose.) All the images you see on this website are not stained unless specifically stated. You are seeing the quality of our lumber with a clear conversion varnish sealant-- no stain is covering up inferior grades of wood!